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E-Bike Rack

Having difficulty loading heavy bikes? GripSport’s new E-Bike rack makes it simple. The GSE not only loads bikes by ramp, but it does it from the safety of the passenger (footpath) side of the car (that’s both bikes) and then secures them regardless of frame size or shape. The GSE also tilts bikes out of the way for access into the rear boot or hatch, dismantles in seconds for easy storage and, like all GripSport racks, is covered by a lifetime warranty.

E-Bike Rack Demonstration 1

The unique “single direction” design of the GSE means that E-Bikes of all shapes and sizes load quickly, easily and safely – see for yourself in this short video.

E-Bike Rack Demonstration 2

And for those who have trouble lifting and moving a bike rack at all, the GSE breaks down into 3 lightweight and easy-to-manage sections… in under a minute and with no tools required. It makes fitting your bike rack to the car and taking it off again an absolute breeze.

What people say about our racks…

We’ve given up trying to keep track of all the rave reviews we get from people using GripSport racks, but we never take what our customers say for granted and we appreciate every bit of feedback, every suggestion and every kind word.

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