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GripSport carrier system is the safest, simplest and toughest bike rack ever.

For all Road and Mountain bikes… Downhill monsters and heavy “E” bikes… and even for things like “recumbents” and Penny Farthings, the GripSport carrier system is the safest, simplest and toughest bike rack ever.

In his first Mountain Bike Australia magazine reviewof our racks, John Hardwick called it “Safe and fast” and went on to say he “couldn’t find a pairing (of bikes) that wouldn’t work (on it)”

In another review 10 years later, he said it’s “a lot more than a basic bike rack and it’s so much easier to use, safer for your bikes and a lot faster to setup — let’s just say that I know where I’d be putting my money”.

He’s worth listening to… our bike racks really are that good.

The photos here will give you an idea of what our bike racks can handle…

  • Road bikes
  • Hardtail mountain bikes
  • Full-suspension mountain bikes.
  • Electric bikes.
  • Hybrids
  • Downhill mountain bikes
  • Fat Bikes
  • Cruisers
  • BMX
  • Ladies bikes & “Step-Throughs” (see Note 1 below)
  • Kids bikes (see Note 2 below)
  • Trikes (requires custom adapter kit)
  • Tandems (requires adapter kit)
  • Recumbents (may require adapter kit)
  • Kick bikes (may require adapter kit)

Note 1 – when carrying bikes with no top tube at all for the carrier “hook” to hold down onto (see the 1st photo below ) you will need to use a “top-tube adapter” (as per the 2nd photo below).

These are available from bike shops in a number of quick-release styles and of course on our carrier system it is only there to allow the carrier hook to hold the bike down into the rack and the adapter bar wont actually be taking any of the weight of the bike as it would on the old ‘beak’ style bike racks (where the bikes are ‘hung’ from the top tube). AND PLEASE NOTE… because it is much better (and safer) to ‘hold’ a bike from as high up as possible, our carriers are actually designed like this on purpose, so the carrier hooks can’t come down far enough to compromise the way in which bikes are secured.

But when carrying very small bikes with very low top tubes, you may be able to just alter the way the quick-release straps secure the carrier hook down onto the frame. As shown in the photo below it’s simply a matter of running the strap around the main frame of the carrier (as indicated by the red arrow) and then securing it back into itself (as indicated by the green arrow).

Note 2 – the GripSport system is designed for bikes with tyres up to 3” wide and wheels that are 20” (BMX size) in diameter and larger. Bikes with smaller diameter wheels CAN be carried if you use our Wheel Hoop Reducers (to stop those small wheels from just falling through the hoops – see photo below). You may also have to strap/tie really little bikes (kiddies’ bikes) onto the carrier rather than relying on the carrier’s “hooks”.



Note 3 – and we even have you covered for carrying “fat” bikes with tyres up to 5.5 inches wide… just get yourself a set of our “Fat-Bike” Wheel Hoops (see photo below) that slip straight on to every GripSport carrier.


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