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About the Pod Trailers Brand

In 2006 in Australia, Phil Savoury, ex pat Kiwi, designed the world’s first plastic tub and lid trailer as a development from the standard box trailer.

Twelve years on, Phil has sold in excess of four thousand of these POD’s, of varying styles and configurations, into the Australian market, where the majority of them find their way into the outback’s enduring the harsh, rugged conditions of the tortuous roads and tracks. They have stood the test of time, and proven they are every piece as good as what they look.

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Some of Happy POD Trailers Customers

Some of Happy POD Trailers Customers

The POD carried 14 jerry cans of Diesel and petrol, 6 jerry cans of water a very large 80 litre Esky, spares, bags, bedding, tarps, tools, wheels, tyres etc around 700+ kilometres all up.

The POD is the best item we could have purchased, travelling over sand dunes, water crossings  and rock laden roads and tracks. It is a great unit, recommend highly..

That Guy (name unknown) was a happy POD owner that Brett and Adrienne (owners of Pod Trailers and Campers NZ Ltd) stumbled upon in November 2017 while on one of their Pod research trips to Australia prior to committing to distributing the Pod range in New Zealand. That Guy had owned his Pod for just under four years at that time, living in it for ten months of each year, and had travelled just over 100k km’s, predominantly in the outback’s of Australia on the corrugated, dirt, sandy roads, and the only issue experienced was one broken suspension spring. In the words of That Guy, “there would be few trailers get rougher treatment that what I hand out, and I am more than happy with my Pod”.

Collins Family Trip: “Just wanted to drop you a note about our trip. We covered over 22k km’s on some of the worst roads on the planet. I am pleased to say that the trailer didn't miss a beat, not even a puncture. All up a great trailer, punching well above it's weight".

“We took the trailer to the coast and it was fantastic. The only problem was that Simon saw how much additional space we had so he just kept adding more and more stuff. It was great. Simon said it was easy to tow and one thing I was grateful for was the lid, we had four days of non stop heavy rain and not a drop got inside”.

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