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Car Towbar Adapters (for Van and Trailer Racks)

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Choose the adapter you need to let you swap your  2 or 4-bike“Van and Trailer Rack” quickly and easily onto any vehicle with a 2″ (50mm) square hitch towbar.

  • Allows  2 4-bike tilting Van and Trailer Racks  to swap from caravan to car. CLICK HERE to see how.

They’re all steel, heavy duty, zinc plated and fully adjustable… and with one of these you’re not restricted to only  starting your bike ride from wherever your camp happens to be set up. Now you can leave your van at your camp site, swap your bikes over onto your car and be off to start your ride wherever your fancy takes you.

Please note 1/…  Choose your adapter – there’s one for  2-bike Van and Trailer Racks and another for  4-bike Van and Trailer Racks.

Please note 2/…  While the bike rack itself swaps quickly and easily to your car, the tilting mechanism stays mounted on your van and does not transfer over onto your vehicle. Van and Trailer Racks can not tilt when fitted to a car’s towbar.

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