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We’re passionate about the outdoors and camping.

POD Trailers and Campers NZ Ltd is owned by Brett and Adrienne Turner who seized the opportunity to bring a proven product to New Zealand.

Being outdoor and camping advocates for far longer than they might like to remember, and having years of experience in the retail / service industry, they combine these passions and expertise to bring New Zealander’s a couple of unique products that Kiwi’s will love.

“It’s not by chance that we have settled on the choice of our two flagship products. In fact, there was no choice at all! We had been looking for a covered, enclosed trailer for a number of years in New Zealand, and while some claim to have the best, they didn’t fulfil our requirements, nor our expectations. And it was while we were researching the POD trailer that we uncovered the renowned Gripsport bike racks.

“Both these products ooze quality features, while exhibiting our values of simple, strong, safe, functional and durable, and they are unparalleled in their respective fields.”

Unlike other imports from foreign origin, the only compromise made in introducing both these products to New Zealand is accepting that they originate from Aussie, which is not such a bad thing. Quality and performance has not been compromised, with both these products being tried and true over many years.

Both Australian company owners have a connection with New Zealand. Phil Savoury, owner of Stockman Products and designer of the POD, is an ex-pat Kiwi, as is Marian Weaving, wife of Jon, being the owners of the successful family based GripSport business. And to enhance a Kiwi flavour to the New Zealand offering, the frames to all the trailers are being fabricated right here, on-shore in Hamilton. Assembly of all trailers is also undertaken in Hamilton using some New Zealand sourced components to compliment the base design of the Australian moulded Polyethylene tubs and lids.

The Standard POD, being enclosed, lockable and water proof (alternatively the lid can be removed completely), is a multi-purpose trailer suitable for many applications other than camping and outdoors, such as for tradie’s, service trailers and transport shuttle trailers.

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